Who We Are and What Makes Us Unique

Our Nutrition Programs

Our nutrition programs establish firm foundations for nutritional insight and application based on the client’s health-specific needs. La Belle Vie’s Health Specialists work in conjunction with your specific diagnosis to help you nutritionally regain your overall health.

Our Health Specialists believe that dieting is not the answer but eating well and enjoying what you eat is key to weight loss, lower stress levels and so much more. We've even created specific programs to fully streamline and simplify your experience.

Who We Are

La Belle Vie or “The Beautiful Life” is exactly what we hope to inspire. We are focused on providing a positive, fun, and encouraging atmosphere for everyone who walks through our doors. It is our goal to provide excellent training while also cultivating the hearts of each student and client.

Our Personal Trainers and Health Specialists are highly trained and NCSF (National Council of Strength & Fitness) certified to bring you the best possible care throughout your time with us. We encourage each of our trainers to maintain continuing education credits and we work closely with Dr. Carol Perkins, N.D. on specific issues.

Our Fitness Programs

La Belle Vie’s fitness classes & Personal Training are tailored to achieve physical fitness, cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility. Each class is structured to create fast, lasting results while also providing diversity through cardio workouts on the trampoline, sculpting ballet-styled classes to perfect your technique and posture, as well as stretching for flexibility and healthy joints and connective tissue.


We specialize in bringing athletes, dancers, performers, and everyone in between the best training in both health & fitness as well as injury prevention. You deserve a chance to reach your highest goals and potential and we are here to help you do that.

Our Dance Programs

Our dream is to encourage our students to find the beauty that is present in their lives and in the world around them. We hope to nurture them to love the Lord and praise him through everything that they do. Our desire is to be a light to the world to show others the love of Christ through our dancing.

In our dance programs, students will have the opportunity to learn to minister to others through dance and also use it as a form of worship to God. We want to teach our students that all we do is to glorify God and that we should pursue excellence in everything that we do. It is also our goal to provide a studio free from gossip or conflict where every dancer and client will feel safe and loved on by the teachers, as well as by their heavenly Father.

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