What Makes Us Unique?

La Belle Vie or “The Beautiful Life” is exactly what we hope to inspire. We are focused on providing a positive, fun, and encouraging atmosphere for everyone who walks through our doors. It is our goal to provide excellent training while also cultivating the hearts of each student and client.

Our dream is to encourage our students and clients to find the beauty that is present in their lives and in the world around them. We hope to nurture them to love the Lord and praise him through everything that they do. Our desire is to be a light to the world to show others the love of Christ through our dancing.

In our dance programs, students will have the opportunity to learn to minister to others through dance and also use it as a form of worship to God. We want to teach our students that all we do is to glorify God and that we should pursue excellence in everything that we do. It is also our goal to provide a studio free from gossip or conflict where every dancer and client will feel safe and loved on by the teachers, as well as by their heavenly Father.

La Belle Vie’s fitness classes are tailored to achieve physical fitness, cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility. Each class is structured to create fast, lasting results while also providing diversity through cardio workouts on the trampoline, sculpting ballet-styled classes to perfect your technique and posture, as well as stretching for flexibility and healthy joints and connective tissue.


We specialize in bringing athletes, dancers, performers, and everyone in between the best training in both health & fitness as well as injury prevention. You deserve a chance to reach your highest goals and potential and we are here to help you do that.

In addition to our fitness programs, we also offer a nutrition program that helps clients learn more about health either in conjunction with their fitness program or on its own and how it can affect their overall health. Our Health Specialists believe that dieting is not the answer but eating well and enjoying what you eat is key to weight loss, lower stress levels and so much more.


We hope that you will join us on this wonderful journey. Welcome to the family!


Dance Classes

Pre-Ballet & Tap

Ages 4-5

In pre-ballet and tap we are going to focus on learning basic ballet moves and positions as well as basic technique. We will have fun stretching, twirling, tapping our toes, and meeting new ballet friends!

1 Hour

Beginning Tap

Ages 8-11

We will be working on harder combinations and technique. Students will be required to learn more intricate routines for the recital as well.

1 Hour

Ballet 2

Ages 15-17 (mostly based on ability rather than age)

Floor barre and center barre will be used more often in this class to build the strength and balance the dancers need to move on to Ballet 3. The students will continue to work with more techniques but at a higher level.

1 Hour

Private Dance Lessons

Ages 8+

These classes are offered to students who are interested in raising their level of dance. They will be learning at a more professional level of ballet to build up their ability, flexibility, endurance, and more. Please call for openings and times.

45 Minutes - 1 Hour

Intro to Ballet & Tap

Ages 6-7

A step up from our pre-ballet class, this class gets just a bit harder. We will be focusing on more technique, barre work, center floor combinations, and across the floor work.

1 Hour

Ballet 1

Ages 12-14 (mostly based on ability rather than age)

Now that you are in the "big kid" class, you are expected to know all of the basic ballet terms and should be able to perform them correctly. We will be focusing on more difficult technique and center work as well as floor barre.

1 Hour

Ballet 3

Ages 18+ (mostly based on ability rather than age)

By the time the students reach this class, they have learned almost all of the ballet terms, built up the strength and balance for more center work, and have increased their flexibility to do more stretches.

1 Hour

Women's Cultural Dance

Ages 18+

This class will focus on creating movements that will build stamina, concentration, and grace. We will be learning various routines from different areas around the world. At the end of the year, the women will have the opportunity to perform in the end of the year recital (optional). For the recital, they will learn a piece of choreography and will perform it on stage wearing traditional costumes.

45 Minutes

Beginning Ballet

Ages 8-11

To get ready for the "big kid" class, we start working on harder combinations, technique, and barre. Students will be required to learn more intricate routines for the recital as well.

1 Hour


Invitation only

We will start inviting girls ages 10 and up to this class to make sure they are prepared for pointe when they turn 12. They will not be working in pointe shoes but will have the opportunity to strengthen their ankles, toes, and legs to make pointe a little easier. Toward the end of the year, the girls will be attending the Pointe class with the pointe dancers but will not be on pointe themselves. This is a great way to allow the girls to see what to expect when en pointe and to help them decide whether they like it or not.

45 Minutes


Invitation only

Once the girls have finished the pre-pointe class they are invited (if ready) to join our pointe class. They must be 12 years old before they are allowed to be en pointe. If the girls would like to take this class they are required to take either Ballet 1, 2, or 3.

45 Minutes

Creative Dance

Ages 6+

Creative dance combines the basics of various styles of dance to increase coordination, body awareness, and rhythm while using props and patterns to build routines. Each month will have a theme and will include theatrical entertainment. The students taking this class will have the opportunity to learn basic choreography to build their own routines as a group and will showcase what they have learned at the recital.

1 Hour


When signing up for dance, there is a one-time registration fee of $10 paid annually.

A 10% discount is available to families with 2 or more immediate family members taking classes.

A free dance class is offered to students taking 4 or more classes.

Dance Lessons




1 Class per week - $40

2 Classes per week - $71

3 Classes per week - $98

4 Classes per week - $122

5th Class - free


1 Child (1 class per month) - $40

2 Children (1 class per month each) - $72

3 Children (1 class per month each) - $108

4 Children (1 class per month each) - $144

Fitness & Nutrition Programs


This is a Specialized Group Class

Superhero Series

Our Superhero series focuses on a different hero each week. Each hero will have specific moves, techniques, and combat skills that you will have to learn and master. We will be training like Wonder Woman, The Black Widow, Cat Woman, and much more!


Each week you will receive strength training & conditioning, flexibility & stretching, and cardiovascular training.

At the end of the course, each client will receive a special prize for completing the series.

This is a Specialized Group Class

Spy Training

Spy Training is a great course that will help you hone in on your perception, survival, and quick thinking skills to help you become a survivalist. Each week you will learn a new way to outsmart the enemy while also working on strength training and coordination to aid you in quick get-aways and stealthy movements.

You might even learn some one-on-one combat in order to protect yourself when the enemy attacks.

Each client will receive a special prize at the end of the course to award them for completing it.

This is a Standard Group Class

Conditioning & Flexibility

Conditioning is important for increasing endurance, muscle memory, athletic capabilities, and injury prevention. Clients will not only learn how to strengthen their bodies, but they will also learn how to protect their bodies from injury due to inflexibility.​

This is a Specialized Group Class

Athletic Conditioning

Our main focus for athletes is to provide ways to strengthen and prepare their bodies in order to avoid injury. These classes are specifically designed to help students gain more coordination, flexibility, strength, endurance, agility, and injury prevention/rehabilitation through safe and effective training.


Each class will be themed in order to offer well-rounded training for all muscle groups and coordination. Clients will work on their own as well as within a group to build camaraderie and sportsmanship within a team. Each client will also have the chance to try out our obstacle course which will put all that they have learned to action.


In addition to their strength training, everyone will be personally assessed to ensure they are getting the proper amount of attention for their personal needs. They will also be taught how to self-massage sore, tired muscles and build a nutritional plan that will help them gain a well-rounded look on properly preparing their bodies for their chosen sport.

This class is offered as a group or one-on-one with a Personal Trainer.

This is a Standard Group Class

Barre-Based Workouts

Our Barre-Based Workouts combine elements of Pilates and ballet to provide you will a comprehensive toning workout. The exercises are low-impact, allowing for long, lean muscles, increased balance and flexibility, and better posture.

This is a Standard Group Class

Kid's Fitness

We make our kid's programs fun and entertaining. Kid's will not be bored as they learn how to strengthen their muscles, increase flexibility, and build endurance. Obstacle courses and fun challenges will allow each child to test their abilities.

Parents are welcome to join their child in the exercise.

This is a Standard Group Class

Pre & Post-Natal Fitness

Prepare for baby with these low impact, low-intensity workouts designed specifically for pregnant mothers. The exercises will help maintain flexibility and strength throughout your pregnancy.


Combine this with our after baby workouts to help you get back in shape after your pregnancy. Select classes will allow you to work out with your baby to provide mommy and me time. This is also a great way to meet other mothers and make new friends. Ask for monthly deals.

This is a Specialized Group Class


Just like our athletic program, dancers, and performers need ways to strengthen and prepare their bodies to avoid injury and illness. Classes are organized to teach dance-styled exercise, working on coordination, cardio, flexibility, and agility.


Whether clients are interested in the lights of Broadway or not, these classes are fun and upbeat. Each client will also learn how to properly take care of their bodies through self-massage and stretching.

At the end of each program, clients will receive a special prize to mark their accomplishment.

This is a Standard Group Class

Cardio Boot-Camp

If you are ready to push yourself to the next level of fitness, then you will love this class. In our cardio boot camp, you will learn how to perform fun, dynamic exercises that will raise your heart rate and get you sweating.


This class is more advanced, so please check with your instructor before enrolling.


Personal Training

When you sign up with one of our Personal Trainers, you will receive a month's worth of personalized menu plans and shopping lists, weekly personalized fitness routines that you can duplicate at home, and weekly check-ins with your trainer. Clients will learn everything they need to know about how to be nutritionally healthy as well as physically fit.
Signing up with a Personal Trainer requires an initial assessment which will determine the best program for the client and their unique goals. For one month, clients will train using their personalized workout sessions as well as follow-ups with their trainer both in person and via Skype. Personal Trainers will monitor each workout to help the client avoid injury and encourage proper form. Clients are also taught how to build menu plans based on their own dietary needs.
All Personal Training services can be renewed monthly.
Personal Athletic Conditioning
These one-on-one workout sessions are tailored to the type of athletics the client is involved in. For one month, the trainer will meet with the client to help them maintain proper form, gain overall strength and flexibility, increase stamina, lose/gain weight, and much more! An initial assessment will determine the best program for the athlete and their ultimate goals. This program is great for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Clients will also be taught how to build menu plans based on their own dietary needs.
Weight-Loss Program


Our weight-loss program offers both nutritional and fitness aid to help you lose weight without sacrificing your health. This program is open to all ages and is tailored to meet the client's own personal needs. Your trainer will help you build a specialized menu and work with any special health issues you may have.


If you have recently had surgery for your weight, please get permission from your doctor and let your personal trainer know ahead of time.

Bride-To-Be Special


The Bride-to-Be Special offers tailor-made personal training to get you in shape for your gown. Each bride receives an initial assessment with a Personal Fitness Trainer in order to build the best workout to reach their goals. Clients will also learn how to build a proper menu plan based on their own dietary needs.


Ask about adding your Bridesmaids so that you can all work out together. The fee is $10/week for each additional person.


Nutrition Program

The goal of our nutrition program is to help educate clients on the responsibility they must take in their own lives and provide the best, most reliable care.


Our nutrition program establishes a firm foundation for nutritional insight and application based on the client’s health-specific needs. A health assessment will be performed upon signing with a Health Specialist which will determine the client’s specific need for various nutritional categories including proper fat intake, carbohydrate intake, and protein intake. This assessment will also determine how quickly the client burns calories (metabolism) and how their diet must be adjusted accordingly to prevent deficiencies.


Clients will also gain a better understanding of how vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other energy and non-energy yielding nutrients work together to provide proper nutritional value. The client and trainer will also discuss free radicals and their effect on the body and how to avoid them. Finally, clients will gain a better understanding of how deficiencies in any of the above essentials can be a detriment to overall healthy living.


What You Can Expect


  • The differences between counting calories, using the food guide pyramid and portioning.

  • The benefits and downsides to various, trendy diet programs

  • Using nutrition for weight loss, muscle gain, anti-aging, improved energy/endurance, improving hormones, increasing sports performance, and more.

  • The differences between pre and post-workout fueling

  • How to use nutritional supplementation properly

  • Weekly check-ins with your trainer & periodic re-assessments and revisions

  • Recipes, meal-preparation tips, recommended products, and more included in either PDF format or a personalized binder (extra fee).


Upon signing with a Health Specialist, clients will have to fill out an informed consent document as well as a New Client Health Assessment Form and Behavior Questionnaire. These forms will help the trainer properly decide what type of nutritional plan to put the client on as well as inform the trainer of any preexisting health concerns.


When combined with a fitness training program, the health program will be more tailored to suit the client’s current physical fitness schedule, pre and post-training fueling needs, and the specific program selected (i.e. weight-loss, pre-natal, athletic performance, etc.). Though we do recommend that these two programs go hand-in-hand, our health program is a great option for anyone apart from a specific fitness program and can be utilized by all ages.

We recommend a minimum 3-month period to get your body back on track nutritionally.


When signing on as a fitness and/or nutrition client, there is no initial fee.

Our fitness and nutrition memberships generally last one-month and can be renewed automatically.

We encourage you to drop in on any of our group classes whenever you can for a one-time fee.

One-Month Personal Training Services



  • Your choice of any of our four Personal Training services (Personal Fitness Training, Personal Athletic Training, Weight-Loss Program, or Bride-To-Be Special)

  • 1 additional group class of your choice per week

  • Nutrition program


+ additional one-time assessment fee ($15)

One-Month of Our Standard Group Classes



  • Your choice of any of our standard group classes for one month (Pre & Post-Natal Fitness, Barre-Based Workout, Kid's Fitness, Cardio Boot-Camp, and Conditioning & Flexibility)

  • Freedom to try out any of the above classes for one month

  • Approx. 45 min. each class


First-Time Trial Class



  • Your choice of one of our available group classes

  • Approx. 45 min.


No commitment necessary



Foam Rolling Session



  • One-time session on foam rolling

  • Foam rolling is great for injured, sore, and tired muscles. It helps repair the muscles by bringing oxygen and blood flow as well as removing any built-up lactic acid after your workout. This session will take you through each section of the body as you roll out your achy muscles.

  • Approx. 30 min.


One-Month of Our Specialized Group Classes



  • Your choice of any of our specialized group classes for one month (Superhero Series, Spy Series, Broadway-Bound, or Athletic Conditioning)

  • Nutrition program

  • Approx. 60 min. each class


Localized Self-Massage



  • One-time session on self-massage

  • Massage is great for minor tears, injuries, sore muscles, or to relieve tension in localized areas of the body.

  • Calming and healing oils and rubs to help your muscles relax and repair quicker.

  • The massage time varies depending on the area of the body needing work. We recommend this massage for athletes before and after their sport as well as after any of our classes.

  • Approx. 1 hour


Nutrition Program


1-month of nutrition coaching and meal plans


3-months of nutrition coaching and meal plans​ (body reset)


6-months of nutrition coaching and meal plans​ (full-body overhaul)



+ additional one-time assessment fee ($10)


Call: (302) 430-9930

Southern Delaware, USA


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