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Amanda E. Howard is an NCSF Certified Personal Fitness Trainer & Health Specialist and Functional Blood Chemistry Analyst specializing in functional training techniques and neuromuscular training for injury risk reduction. She teaches prevention methods for injuries and illness by instructing clients on how to maintain strength and endurance as well as cyclical training for healthy menstrual cycles and menopause, prenatal strength training, and postnatal recovery.

In addition to fitness, Amanda also specializes in building nutrition programs to help clients maintain hormonal balance for healthy menstrual cycles, adrenal function, thyroid support, PCOS, and fertility, restore healthy liver, pancreatic, gallbladder, and thyroid function, and lower systemic inflammation. Hormones and the liver are the basis for most health issues women struggle with, including thyroid issues, which is why La Belle Vie, as a whole, heavily focuses on them.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) allows for additional support to provide Amanda with an in-depth look at her client’s bloodwork to assess functional decline and tackle it at its source. This is what ultimately elevates the nutrition programs La Belle Vie offers.


As a dance teacher and retired dancer, Amanda works with athletes, dancers, and performers to help them with proper training techniques, flexibility and ROM training, strength, and movement. The goal of the specialized programs she has created is to provide a healthy, pain-free career and retirement without degradation to joints and important connective tissue.

About the Director & Company

La Belle Vie Fitness & Dance began in a homeschool co-op in a small room at Laurel Church of the Nazarene when I decided I wanted to try and teach ballet after many years of dancing myself. After the semester was over, a couple of the mothers asked if I would be teaching ballet again the next year. As requests for a structured, faith-based dance studio increased, I decided to open my own. At 19, I rented a building in Delmar, DE and called it, Praise Him with a Dance.

For two years, God blessed me with precious young children to teach until he changed my path slightly and Praise Him with a Dance closed its doors. I pursued my Personal Training certification through NCSF (National Council of Strength & Fitness) while still receiving questions from mothers who needed a Christian dance studio for their children. God laid it on my heart to re-open a dance studio, but this time to open it to both of my passions. I moved out of Delaware and settled here in Vero Beach, Florida which opened wide opportunities to work with dance teachers, competition groups, and athletic coaches.

Dance is something I have always been passionate about. I've been dancing since I was 4 years old and can't imagine not having it in my life. Sharing my love of dance with others has brought me such joy and I am so thankful for the opportunity to share my love of dance and my love of my heavenly Father with children and adults of all ages. I trained with DDC (Delaware Dance Company) and InSync Dance. I was very blessed to have been a part of excerpts of various classical ballets such as Swan Lake, Paquita, Coppelia, La Bayadere, and Don Quixote.

Fitness is also a great passion of mine as I want everyone to feel that they are capable of anything at any given time. Health and medicine have always intrigued me as I've always been inspired by my grandmother who is a recently retired, Functional Naturopathic doctor, and my Mom who has worked in the health industry for years. They have taught me so many wonderful things throughout my life and it's my absolute pleasure to use that knowledge to help my clients achieve their health and fitness goals. In fact, it was their leading that drew me toward my current studies of functional blood chemistry analysis which will give me an even greater look at how amazing the human body is and how to help my clients prevent further dysfunction.

As I began to find my focus, I realized that my true passion lies in aiding dancers and athletes in functional conditioning in addition to their regular training. It brings me so much joy to see the people that I work with figure out how to work with their bodies and bring homeostasis back into their lives. God has called us to be ready for whatever he puts in our path. I hope that I can be that aid for my clients to, not only grow physically stronger, but spiritually stronger as well, ready for whatever comes their way.

So, as a classical ballet teacher and fitness/health professional, I love that I can combine both my passions into one. My greatest desire is that everyone who walks through my doors will walk away feeling cared for, loved, and empowered not only by me but also by their heavenly Father. The moment you enter the building, you are family!

~ Amanda E. Howard ~

Artistic Director

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer & Health Specialist

Functional Blood Chemistry Analyst

Dance Instructor & Choreographer

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