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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our programs:
What makes La Belle Vie's programs unlike any other out there?
We look at the body as a whole. La Belle Vie also uses a lot of functional principles in every program that we offer. We believe it is important to teach our clients to understand the rate of dysfunction and how to reverse it. If you don't understand the function of the body, you can't understand the dysfunction of the body. Beyond that, we focus on women's health (though we work with anyone needing health coaching) because we have found that hormone imbalance is such an incredibly common issue that needs to be addressed. Once hormones and the liver are restored back to homeostasis, the rate of decline drastically improves. Our programs are targeted toward specific health issues rather than giving a generic nutrition or fitness program that is streamlined for most individuals. Nothing is streamlined. All programs are unique to each individual client. And our trainers are there to help you every step of the way to keep you motivated and answer any questions that come up.

Why should I focus on functional nutrition and fitness training for hormone balance?
Functional nutrition and fitness training are the best ways to decrease risk of injury, illness, fatigue, and disease. When you add hormone balance on top of that, women are getting programs that are designed just for them and their biochemistry. Most programs made for women are just copies of programs made for men which means that hormones aren't being addressed. The way we exercise and eat can work cyclically with the female's body to provide more effective support. We don't claim that any of our nutrition programs cure, however, they are excellent ways to prepare your body for whatever comes your way.

Do these nutrition programs take the place of a doctor?
Absolutely NOT! If you are dealing with specific health issues and concerns that require medical attention, we request that you immediately seek medical care before coming to us.

Questions about the trainers:
What continuing education do the trainers go through?
We highly encourage that all of our trainers continue to stay up to date with all new studies and information being released to ensure that we are providing our clients with the best possible care. That said, we encourage personal research as well as buildable certifications.

Questions about specific program goals:
What are the specific goals for each nutrition program?
Goals set during the initial assessment are the goals that will carry through the three-month program. These goals are set by the client and expounded upon by the trainer to ensure that they are achievable and realistic. They depend on the client's health background, current health issues, as well as their personal needs. These goals could be to achieve ideal weight, maintain a healthy sleep schedule, lower estrogen levels, balance thyroid and adrenal function, etc. As the goals of the client change or as each goal is met, the program is adjusted to meet those goals and new goals are formed.

What are the goals that each client should have going into a nutrition program?
This really depends upon each client. No two clients are alike or have the same goals. The goals going into the assessment should be realistic and attainable. Because our programs are geared toward women's health and fitness, the goals represented are often similar among the majority of our clientele. Your trainer will help with this process as you meet with them and discuss a program outline. We recommend that you write down some of your biggest nutrition goals and see if you can narrow down those goals into smaller, more attainable goals for a three-month period.

What are the 3-month goals in a nutrition program?
Again, this is dependent on the clients themselves. If they are struggling with digestive issues such as bloating, cramping, irregular bowel movements, or nausea, the best course of action then would be to focus on getting their guts functioning properly again. If the client is struggling with PCOS or fertility issues, we recommend creating goals that work toward directly reversing them and reducing symptoms.

How do the goals change as the client progresses through any of the programs?
Obviously each person is different and the speed at which they go through the programs is different. Some are able to come to a functional place faster than others which means that their original goals will change with them. We always recommend that each client going through a nutrition program keep a record of improvements, negative changes, and how they generally feel throughout. The Health Specialist also does this for their records but having a record right in front of the client is oftentimes a lot easier to track progress, maintain motivation, and set new goals. All of this is discussed at the end of the three months with your trainer. The one program that tends to show results slower than others is our Adrenal/Thyroid program depending on the severity of the issue present. This is because it takes more time to reverse thyroid and adrenal issues than any other.

Questions about picky eating:
What if I don't like certain foods?
During your initial interview (assessment) with a Health Specialist, the specialist will ask you about specific foods in order to create a program that will incorporate the foods you love and avoid the foods you hate. However, there comes a point where your Health Specialist will start building in foods that you might not be too fond of because they are good for your body. Obviously, we'll also take food sensitivities and allergies into consideration as well. If you really can't stand mushrooms or squash, the chances that you will find them in your plan are very slim.

Can children go through the nutrition programs?
Our programs are more geared toward women's nutrition for ages 18+. However, if a family or parent chooses to embark on a program, we encourage the children to be a part of it as well. This helps clients with families stay on track. Anyone under 18 is recommended to have a partner going through the program alongside them. If it is an immediate family member who just wants to eat the same way to keep them on track, this doesn't cost extra and doesn't require an assessment for that family member. Extended family are NOT included in your personal program. The maximum serving size represented is 4 for most recipes.

Questions about payments:

Can I book a nutrition program monthly?
Unfortunately, no. Our nutrition programs are 3-month packages that cannot be divided month-by-month. When booking, we require a 3-month booking. However, we do allow monthly payments on a 3-month package if that is financially easier for you rather than paying the full price all at once. This is something you will have to mention during the booking process or assessment.

Can I book more than one month of personal training at a time?
Absolutely! You can book up to 4 months of personal training at a time depending on the availability of the trainer. Upon booking, you will have to pay for all four months. If, for some reason, you are not able to continue, we offer refunds up to 3 weeks in advance of your next month. If you have already started the month but wish to cancel, we cannot offer a refund for that month.

How can I pay?
You can pay online, request an invoice, personal check, or cash. All online options are provided by Stripe (3% surcharge included). Personal check or cash are only accepted for in-person sessions. There is a fee for any bounced checks.

If you have a question about any of our services/programs, feel free to get in contact with us on our Contact page. We love hearing from you and will get in touch as soon as possible.
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