Dance Class Registration

We are currently settling down in Vero Beach, Florida and are not holding in-person dance lessons at the moment. If you would like to register for online, private dance lessons via Zoom, you can contact us via our Contact page for more information.

Feel free to sign up for our mailing list (click here) for regular updates on when we will be reopening for in-person dance lessons.

In-person registration begins July 1st until September 19th. A $10 registration fee is required annually, per student, for both in-person and online registration. If you are registering in person, we will have forms that you can fill out in the studio. You are also welcome to pay via check, cash, or credit. Please ask us about our automatic monthly programs that can charge you every first Monday of the month without any extra fees.

After you register, you will receive an email containing all of the information that you will need to know for the first class. Thank you for considering us to teach your children! Welcome to the family!



When signing up with the company, there is a one-time registration fee of $10 paid annually, per student.

A free dance class is offered to students taking 4 or more classes per week.

Regular Classes




1 Class per week - $45

2 Classes per week - $85

3 Classes per week - $130

4 Classes per week - $175

5th Class - free

Private Dance Lessons



1 Class per week - $45 (ballet, pointe)

1 Class per week - $55 (variations/repertoire, pas de deux)

2 Classes per week - $85 (ballet, pointe)

2 Classes per week - $95 (variations/repertoire, pas de deux)

When registering for private lessons, choose your preferred class and specify in the final text box whether you would like private lessons.