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La Belle Vie Dance Company

Our main priority as a dance company is to put the dancer first while maintaining a faith-based mentality in every class. This means that before their dance career, comes the mental and physical health and stability of the dancer. We believe that each student should be mentored with the idea that dance should not become their sole identity in life. As a Christian dance company, we will help mentor our students to place their identities in Christ and model what that looks like.

No dancer should ever feel that they don't measure up, that they need to compete for a position, that they are left behind, or that they don't matter. Each dancer will feel cared for and loved on by their instructors through the love the heavenly Father.

Beyond that, students will find a place that will challenge them appropriately to build good habits, attitudes, and technique within their chosen style of dance. Our elite training provides functional training principles, biomechanics and ROM training, neuromuscular and structural balance, increased power and endurance, and proper facilitation of joint movement. Teachers will be there to support the dancer so that they can experience a smooth transition to a professional career, if the dancer so chooses, and maintain their bodies in order to ensure a pain and complication-free retirement or continued learning.

Our focus has and always will be injury prevention. We take these concepts very seriously with our dancers. La Belle Vie is focused on preparing each and every person who walks through our doors with the tools they need to prevent injury and illness from inhibiting their daily lives.

Each student is corrected individually in order to make sure that they grow in their own way and are placed in classes accordingly so that they are never held back or left behind.

Each class opens with a memory verse and prayer time. This allows each student to meditate on God's word and begin class with a readiness to glorify him with their dancing.

Students will study various techniques including Finis Jhung, Balanchine, Vaganova, the Australian Ballet School, and Royal Academy of Dance.

View our dress codes here and our dance policies here.


"Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice."
Philippians 4:4

"Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid."
Matthew 5:14

"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
Proverbs 3:5-6

"Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer."
Psalm 19:14


Young Ballerinas

Pre-Ballet & Tap

Ages 4-5

In pre-ballet and tap we are going to focus on learning basic ballet and tap moves and positions as well as basic technique. We will have fun playing instruments to the music, stretching, twirling, tapping our toes, and meeting new ballet friends!

1 hour

Tap Dance Class

Beginner Tap

Ages 8-12

Our tap class is great fun! We will be tapping to the music to get used to the beat, learning jumps, spins, and slides. Fun, upbeat music will keep the kids energetic and excited to learn!

45 minutes

Ballet Practice

Ballet 3

Ages 18+, mostly based on ability rather than age

By the time the students reach this class they have learned almost all of the necessary ballet terms, built up the strength and balance for more center work, and have increased their flexibility to do more stretches. For this class we will require that you also take at least one other supplementary class. This includes our Conditioning/Injury Prevention, Performance, Pointe (by invitation), and/or Variations/Repertoire.

1 hour

Ballet Dancer

Conditioning/Injury Prevention

Grades 5-adult

Students will learn proper conditioning exercises that will focus on strengthening muscle groups used in their particular field of dance, increasing aerobic endurance, and increasing flexibility. This class involves free weight exercises, floor work, low-impact cardio, balance training, and exercise ball workouts. Unlike our regular conditioning class through La Belle Vie Fitness, this class is specific to dancers, using movements and techniques that are designed for those involved in ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, etc. (limit 10 students to a class)

45 minutes

Theater Performance

Musical Theater Dance

Grades 5-adult

This class incorporates elements of various famous Broadway dances and techniques as well as our Performance class. Styles of dance studied will include jazz, creative movement, ballet, and modern to create theater performances and choreography. As this will be a very dance-focused class, students will not be learning the additional aspects to musical theater such as singing. Students will be taught choreography skills and how to create their own performances. Part of the way into the year, students will randomly be divided into two groups to choreograph and create a Broadway-style dance performance that they will be required to perform at the end of the year during the showcase. These showcase performances will require the students to choose, not only the choreography, but also the costumes, makeup, and hair, creating a full musical theater production. During class time, the teacher works with the groups one-on-one to correct technique and guide the dancers through their choreography.

1 hour

Young Ballet Class

Intro to Ballet & Tap

Ages 6-7

A step up from our pre-ballet class, this class gets just a bit harder. We will be focusing on more technique, barre work, center floor combinations, and across the floor work.

1 hour

Ballet dancers

Ballet 1

Ages 12-14, mostly based on ability rather than age

Now that students are in the "big kid" class, they are expected to know all of the basic ballet terms and should be able to perform them correctly. We will be focusing on more difficult technique and center work as well as floor barre. For this class we recommend that you also take at least one other supplementary class but do not require it. This includes our Conditioning/Injury Prevention, Performance, Pre-Pointe (by invitation), and/or Variations/Repertoire.

1 hour

Dancer Legs


Ages 10+ (invitation only)

This class helps prepare younger students, or students who are not yet strong enough for pointe, for a regular pointe class. Young dancers are more at risk, even at 12 years old, for foot and ankle injuries. Taking a pre-pointe class allows them to become more aware of the movements that will occur during a typical pointe class, how to prevent common injuries, and how to strengthen the areas in which pointe works the most. Students will work to strengthen their ankles, feet, and legs to make the transition to pointe much easier. They will learn proper technique, combinations, choreography, and conditioning exercises that will eventually be performed in a pointe class.

45 minutes

Ballet Dancers

Variations/ Repertoire

Grades 5-adult

This class will allow students to learn famous variations from a variety of famous ballets (i.e., Coppelia, Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Don Quixote, etc.). At the start of the year, students will be assigned repertoire from a ballet that will be worked on in class as a group. Halfway through the year, each student will then be required to select their own variation which they will continue to work on throughout the rest of the dance year, guided by their teacher. They will use their class time to perform their piece for the rest of the class, individually, and receive critiques from the teacher on proper technique and performance ability based on what they learned from the first part of the year’s repertoire. (limit 6 students to a class)

1 hour


Private Dance Lessons

Grades 5-adult

These private lessons are meant to enhance the dancer’s overall training. Private lessons can be booked separately, or in addition to regular class training. Pricing will vary depending on the number of classes per week as well as the level of the dancer.

45 minutes

Pricing for this differs from our regular classes. Please contact us for more details.

Young Ballerinas

Beginner Ballet

Ages 8-11

To get ready for the "big kid" class, we start working on harder combinations, technique, and barre. These students will be required to learn more intricate routines for the recital as well.

45 minutes

Young Ballerinas

Ballet 2

Ages 15-17, mostly based on ability rather than age

Floor barre and center barre will be utilized more often in this class to build the strength and balance the dancers need to move on to Ballet 3. The students will continue to work on more challenging techniques. For this class we recommend that you also take at least one other supplementary class but do not require it. This includes our Conditioning/Injury Prevention, Performance, Pre-Pointe (by invitation), Pointe (by invitation), and/or Variations/Repertoire.

1 hour

Girl Lacing Up Her Ballet Shoes


Ages 11+ (invitation only)

In order to attend our Pointe class, your teacher will first complete a full assessment to ensure that the student is strong enough to advance. Students must take at least 1 year of Pre-Pointe prior to being invited to attend our Pointe class. Students will continue to learn how to prevent common injuries and strengthen areas of the ankles, feet, and legs while also learning new techniques, combinations, and choreography while en pointe.

45 minutes

Dance Performance


Grades 5-adult

Dancers use their whole bodies to perform on stage and tell a story. This performance class is focused on teaching dancers how to use wordless acting in their performances. Students will learn basic acting techniques as well as how to use their hand, feet, arm, and head movements to tell a story. They will also be required to choreograph and perform their own piece, telling a story of their choice, at the end of the year for the rest of the class, teacher(s), and parents.

45 minutes

Dance Instructor

Adult Ballet

Ages 18+

Our adult dance lessons are perfect for adults who have either never taken a ballet class before or who have retired and would like to pick it back up again. Students in this class have a choice to perform in the end-of-year recital or not but all will learn the choreography regardless to help with coordination, control, and applying what they have learned.

1 hour

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