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Dress Code

PLEASE, NO BEDROOM SLIPPERS! CANVAS or LEATHER ballet shoes only for ALL classes! SNEAKERS or any other STREET SHOE cannot be worn inside the dance area.

Boys in all ballet & tap classes: White dance t-shirt, black tights/pants, black dance shorts (optional), black canvas or leather ballet shoes, dance belt. Hair must be styled away from the face.


Corresponding leotard below, ballet pink convertible rights with a back seam, canvas or leather split-sole ballet shoes, black tap shoes (for tap class only), ballet skirts (optional), ballet sweater (optional), and any warm-up clothing pieces that you would like. Hair must be worn up in a proper ballet bun. Short hair that won't go into a bun must be in a ponytail and very short hair must be pulled back away from the face.

Pre-Ballet & Tap - Light pink or purple leotards

Intro to Ballet & Tap - Blue leotards

Beginner Ballet & Beginner Tap - Deep purple or black leotards

Ballet 1 - Black leotards

Ballet 2 - Red or deep pink leotards

Ballet 3 - Any choice of leotard

Musical Theater (ages 8+):

Girls: Anything comfortable and easy to move in (no dresses). Warm-up and dancewear are acceptable. Hair must be pulled up correctly. Ballet shoes, jazz shoes, and character shoes are acceptable.

Boys: Anything comfortable and easy to move in.

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