Dress Code

PLEASE, NO BEDROOM SLIPPERS! CANVAS or LEATHER ballet shoes only for ALL classes! SNEAKERS or any other STREET SHOE cannot be worn inside the dance area.

Boys: White dance t-shirt, black tights/pants, black dance shorts (optional), black canvas or leather ballet shoes, dance belt. Hair must be styled away from the face.

Girls: Deep purple or black leotards, ballet pink convertible rights with a back seam, canvas or leather split-sole ballet shoes, ballet skirts, ballet sweater (optional), and any warm-up clothing pieces that you would like. Hair must be worn up in a proper ballet bun. Short hair that won't go into a bun must be in a ponytail and very short hair must be pulled back away from the face.

Musical Theater (ages 8+):

Girls: Anything comfortable and easy to move in (no dresses). Warm-up and dancewear are acceptable. Hair must be pulled up correctly. Ballet shoes, jazz shoes, and character shoes are acceptable.

Boys: Anything comfortable and easy to move in.