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Personal Training & Fitness Programs

Injury and illness can hinder performance, making it difficult to reach your goals.

Our trainers teach preventative methods to ensure that risk of injury and illness are reduced by using functional training techniques. We also believe in looking at the body as a whole instead of just focusing on the strength and musculature of our clients. Because of this, clients will walk out of each class able to take charge of both their health and fitness from home.

In addition to reducing risk of injury, we incorporate cyclical training for hormone balance and support. Most female fitness programs don't take into account that female hormones fluctuate and that exercising according to their menstrual phases supports energy levels, better muscular strength gains, flexibility, core/pelvic health and stability, hormonal balance, reduced risk of PMS, and fertility.

Our cyclical training provides for all four menstrual phases by incorporating precise, low-impact training balanced with high-intensity training and weight training according to the phase the client is currently in as well as their particular health & fitness needs.


All our classes are taught by highly trained and NCSF certified instructors. We carefully craft our choreography along with targeted stretches in order to produce long and sculpted muscles and flexibility. You will be challenged based on your own physical needs and will walk out of our classes feeling strong and inspired.

Group Fitness

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Prenatal & Postnatal Group Fitness

Prepare for baby with these low impact, low-intensity workouts designed specifically for pregnant mothers. The exercises will help maintain flexibility and strength throughout your pregnancy.


Combine this with our after baby workouts to help you get back in shape after your pregnancy. Select classes will allow you to work out with your baby to provide mommy and me time. This is also a great way to meet other mothers and make new friends. Ask for monthly deals.

These are Standard Group Classes

Ballet Practice

Barre-Based Group Workouts

Our Barre-Based Workouts combine elements of Pilates and ballet to provide you will a comprehensive toning workout. The exercises are low-impact, allowing for long, lean muscles, increased balance and flexibility, and better posture.

Our Barre-Based Workouts are unlike any other Barre workout as they incorporate more ballet into each class than the typical Barre workout.

This is a Standard Group Class


Superhero Group Fitness Series

This series is fun for both kids and adults. Each season, the class will focus on a different hero. Each hero will have specific moves, techniques, and combat skills that the clients will have to learn and master to win the season’s award. Clients will be training like Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Superman, The Flash, and much more! Awards are given at the end of the season (12-weeks) to clients who are able to master our end-of-season obstacle course and drills.

This is a Specialized, 12-week Fitness Series

Holding a Ball

Athletic Conditioning Group Fitness

La Belle Vie’s main focus for athletes is to provide ways to strengthen and prepare their bodies in order to avoid injury. These group classes are specifically designed to help clients gain more coordination, flexibility, strength, endurance, agility, and injury prevention through safe and effective training.


Unlike any of our other athletic-focused programs, these classes are not designed with only one client in mind. The classes encompass a variety of sports and are themed in order to offer well-rounded training for all muscle groups and coordination. Clients will work on their own as well as within a group to build camaraderie and sportsmanship within a team. Each client will also have the chance to try out the outdoor obstacle course which will put all that they have learned to action. Clients will also be taught how to self-massage sore, tired muscles.

This is a Standard Group Class

Boot Camp

Cardio Boot-Camp Group Fitness Series

Clients will be pushed to the next level of fitness in this cardio boot camp. Clients will learn how to perform fun, dynamic exercises that will raise their heart rates and get them sweating. Each season, clients will focus on a different boot camp theme such as police-style, military-style, beach bum, HIIT, and special holiday themes.


This class is more advanced, so please check with your instructor before enrolling.

This is a Specialized, 12-week Fitness Series

Dramatic Actress

Broadway Bound Group Fitness Series

Just like our athletic program, dancers and performers need to learn ways to strengthen and prepare their bodies to avoid injury and illness. Classes are organized to teach dance-styled exercises, working on coordination, cardio, flexibility, and agility. Each season, clients will focus on a particular Broadway show. Whether the client is interested in the lights of Broadway or not, these classes are fun and upbeat. To receive their end-of-season awards, clients must be able to complete a Broadway challenge which will incorporate everything that they have learned.

This is a Specialized, 12-week Fitness Series

Yoga Class

Conditioning & Flexibility Group Fitness

Conditioning is important for increasing endurance, muscle memory, athletic capabilities, and injury prevention. Clients will not only learn how to strengthen their bodies, but they will also learn how to protect their bodies from injury due to inflexibility through stretching alone and with a partner.

This is a Standard Group Class

Kick Boxing

Spy Training Group Fitness Series

Similar to our Superhero series, the Spy series incorporates combat skills to protect themselves when the “enemy” attacks. This is a great course to help clients hone in on their perception, survival, and quick-thinking skills to help them survive as spies. Each season (12-weeks), clients will learn a new way to outsmart the “enemy” through tests, drills, and challenges, as well as working on strength training and coordination to aid them in quick getaways and stealthy movements. End-of-season awards are given to clients who are able to master our spy course which will incorporate everything clients have learned.

This is a Specialized, 12-week Fitness Series

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