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Nutrition Programs

Focused on women’s health and wellness, La Belle Vie offers nutrition programs that help educate clients on the responsibility they must take in their own lives, empower them to take charge, and provide the best, most reliable care. We want our clients to learn how to get to the bottom of what is going on rather than offering a bandage to temporarily make them feel better.
Our nutrition programs establish firm foundations for functional nutrition insight and application based on the client’s health-specific needs. La Belle Vie focuses on helping women of all ages restore hormone balance for every phase in their lives (menstrual cycles, menopause, and infertility). We work to aid in digestive and detoxification balance, focused on the liver and gut, to encourage proper absorption, hormone secretion, and overall balance throughout the body. We even offer a special program that follows women through their pregnancies by offering prenatal health and fitness for healthy labor and delivery, meal preparation for when the baby arrives, and postnatal health and fitness to recovery and healthy breast feeding.

Some of our more popular programs include our Menstrual Balance, Menopause Balance, Thyroid/Adrenal, Gut Protocol, Infertility Protocol, Pre & Postnatal Protocols, and our Couple’s Infertility program. *Also ask about our Liver Protocol!* All of these programs deal with the underlying reason behind why hormones are imbalance, the gut and/or liver is malfunctioning, and functional decline is occurring in the body. Click here for a more detailed look into these programs.

​The initial health assessment is a one-time fee of $50 and includes all the paperwork and a one-on-one meeting in person, over the phone, or via Zoom to talk about the results and present the recommended program information.

​Once an initial health assessment is completed, your Health Specialist will be able to put together a program packet that will outline the steps you and your trainer will take to nutritionally repair, improve proper gut, immune, and/or other organ function, hormone balance, and avoid deficiencies.


What You Can Expect

  • Working with your hormones to restore balance for proper organ function, healthy fertility, healthy menstrual cycles, and/or healthy transition to menopause.

  • No calorie or macro counting! Everything is well portioned out for you by your trainer so that all you have to do is cook and eat.

  • Using nutrition for weight loss, muscle gain, anti-aging, improved energy/endurance, improved hormone balance through cyclical meal planning, improved gut function, and much more!

  • Working with your fitness schedule to provide pre and post workout fueling

  • How to use nutritional supplementation properly based on your specific needs

  • Weekly check-ins with your trainer & periodic re-assessments and revisions

  • Recipes, meal-preparation tips, recommended products, and more included in either PDF format or a personalized binder (extra fee).


Upon signing with a Health Specialist, clients will have to fill out an informed consent document as well as a New Client Health Assessment Form and Behavior Questionnaire as part of an initial assessment ($50). These forms will help the trainer properly decide what type of nutrition plan to put the client on as well as inform the trainer of any preexisting health concerns. Clients will then schedule a meeting with their Health Specialist to discuss.

When combined with a Fitness Program, a Nutrition Program will be more tailored to suit the client’s current physical fitness schedule, pre and post workout fueling needs, and the specific program selected. Though we do recommend that these two programs go hand-in-hand, our Nutrition Programs are a great option for anyone apart from a specific Fitness Program and can be utilized by all ages.

​Each nutrition program is a renewable 3-month program unless otherwise specified.

​View a sample of our Gut Protocol menu plan here

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