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Fitness Programs

Personal Training & Group Fitness

Injury and illness can hinder performance, making it difficult to reach your goals.​Our trainers teach preventative methods to ensure that risk of injury and illness are reduced by using functional training techniques. We also believe in looking at the body as a whole instead of just focusing on the strength and musculature of our clients. Because of this, clients will walk out of each class able to take charge of both their health and fitness from home.


​In addition to reducing risk of injury, we incorporate cyclical training for hormone balance and support. Most female fitness programs don't take into account that female hormones fluctuate and that exercising according to their menstrual phases supports energy levels, better muscular strength gains, flexibility, core/pelvic health and stability, hormonal balance, reduced risk of PMS, and fertility.​


Our cyclical training provides for all four menstrual phases by incorporating precise, low-impact training balanced with high-intensity training and weight training according to the phase the client is currently in as well as their particular health & fitness needs. All our classes are taught by highly trained and NCSF certified instructors. We carefully craft our choreography along with targeted stretches in order to produce long and sculpted muscles and flexibility. You will be challenged based on your own physical needs and will walk out of our classes feeling strong and inspired.

Dance & Athletic Fitness Programs

La Belle Vie Fitness & Dance was originally created to support dancers and athletes in their chosen field and teach them how to achieve their truest and highest potential. Clients are taught proper body placement, functional movement techniques, appropriate strength & conditioning training, unlocking true flexibility, and most importantly how to incorporate injury prevention practices.


Do you want to be the best dancer you can be? Do you want to achieve the next level of your athletic career? If so, our programs are the perfect place to start. Each client enrolled in our dance or athletic programs will receive a personalized training program, tailored to their specific needs to improve total body balance and break any bad habits. They will learn how to appropriately train based on their personal strengths and weaknesses which helps the trainer create a plan on how to reverse or prevent possible damage.


The goal of most every dancer and athlete is to reach their highest and truest potential in order to succeed in their chosen field of career. This is why our trainers will be there step-by-step to guide clients toward those goals. With the fields of dance and athletics constantly changing and new science being revealed all the time, our trainers stay up to date in order to provide the best possible programs for these elite artists.


Since no two dancers or athletes will respond to the same program, all new clients will be required to complete an assessment to place them correctly and create a program exclusive to them. The price for the initial assessment is included in the program.

As with all of our other programs, these dancer and athletic-specific programs incorporate functional fitness and nutrition training to discourage functional decline. La Belle Vie's Athletic and Dancer Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention programs are created to maximize the athlete's and the dancer's ability within their own sport/art while also preventing injury and/or protecting an existing injury.*

One of the leading causes of pain in dancers is the improper use or training of a certain muscle group. Dancers can also be limited in their range of motion of various joints, causing inflexibility and weak stability. The goal of this program is to help them gain the proper function of their bodies back.

Our trainers are also there to help athletes and dancers of all ages restore strength, flexibility, and overall functional health and fitness through functional coaching. Participants will learn their anatomical limitations, proper alignment, and basic rehabilitation techniques to restore their bodies, mental health, and their confidence. Athletes and dancers are always pushing themselves to the limit in order to excel in their chosen sport/art. In these programs, they will learn how to push their bodies without sacrificing their health to achieve their highest potential, whether they are pursuing a professional career or not.


For the initial 6-week program



Subsequent renewals**


Add-ons are available including additional sessions, dance lessons, specific nutrition programs, and extra self-massage and foam rolling sessions upon request. Contact us for pricing options.

View our Dancer Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention Program

View our Athletic Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention Program

*We are not Physical Therapists and do not take the place of Physical Therapists

**We require a re-assessment every 6-8 months to stay current. The renewal price is only available for that time period.

Parent & Teacher/Educator Programs

We love training dancers and athletes to achieve their true potential and reach their loftiest goals and become a resilient athlete. However, we also understand how important it is that the parents, teachers, and coaches are also involved. Which is why we designed special programs specifically for them.

Parents, you know what the dance/athletic life is like as you have probably been a part of the atmosphere for years. As proud as you are of your child(ren), there are some concerns that all parents of dancers and athletes feel for them. Injuries, body image issues, constant pressure, and even shortened careers are all so common. But, we're here to tell you that we can help you rest easy and help prolong your child's career and health.

These programs are for parents and teachers/educators interested in helping their children/students reduce the number of injuries that occur throughout their dance/athletic careers. Beyond that, we teach them how to recognize patterns and habits that can eventually lead to imbalance and injury and how to reverse them.

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