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Lydia has found her home in the small town of Maple Ridge, Massachusetts. Throughout the years, she has built up a name for herself throughout the state as being the kindest and most creative dance teacher and choreographer. Though she loves her life and career, Lydia has always dreamed of working with the prestigious Boston Ballet. As she begins to plan Maple Ridge’s annual Christmas Eve performance, she becomes aware that Boston Ballet is searching for an assistant choreographer for the Spring season. With the artistic director of the company coming to see the performance, Lydia is determined to make the performance perfect.


A handsome artist from Boston, Jordan, comes to Maple Ridge in hopes of finding new inspiration for his work. Though he loves his job, Jordan begins to question his next move in life and hopes that his trip will help clear his head. When Lydia and Jordan meet unexpectedly, they are immediately drawn to one another. As things begin to progress between them, Lydia finds herself getting distracted.


Sabotage ensues and the complication of new feelings creates strain between them. Will Lydia open her heart to love for the first time?


Paperback Book

The First Gift of Christmas

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