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Donate to Save Vero's Theater Plaza

Historical buildings are destroyed or abandoned every day in order to make way for new businesses and over-commercialization. We want to avoid allowing our town to become overdeveloped, removing all of the unique qualities that make Vero Beach so quaint and beautiful. Abandoned, historical buildings are at risk of demolition and the cost of upkeeping a building that is not in full use is too high for most. The Indian River County Historical Society and town of Vero Beach have done a great job preserving the properties that they can downtown. However, it takes community support to make this happen. Local preservation is going to be the key to maintaining the Theater Plaza/Florida Theater and transforming it into, not only its former glory, but also a place where locals can experience performances, events, workshops, and so much more!

We believe in preserving the history of the Theater Plaza and building a functional space where people from all around Indian River County and beyond can come connect with one another. The Theater Plaza can be so much more than a place to watch movies. It can be a place to learn with workshops, homeschool classes, independent film courses, and expos. A place for the arts with theatrical performances, elaborate dance performances, themed showcases, and orchestral performances. A place for fun and excitement through murder mystery parties and escape rooms. And a place for general community togetherness through themed teas, interactive escape rooms, homeschool classes and workshops, themed parties and events, anniversary celebrations, galas, and other sponsorship events.

The Vero Beach Theater Plaza is an excellent place to bring together our community, our town, and our history. But we need your help! You are the ones who will make this dream a reality. With your help, we will begin our non-profit work, purchase the theater, perform renovations and updates, as well as begin hosting incredible events for you!

How can you help?

If you are willing to donate either funds or your time, we will be so grateful! There are tiered donations that you can choose from with special gifts from us to say thank you. If you are unable to donate money, we also have opportunities for volunteers. You can volunteer your time at our fundraising events and in exchange, you receive a FREE ticket to our opening event.

Thank you in advance for your generous support! It means the world to us,


Amanda E. Howard & Co.

Donate Now

Help us restore Vero's Theater Plaza!


Thank you for your donation! We appreciate your support in this endeavor!

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